Healthy Family and Healthy Nation

CB gabani

MR. CB GABANI (Chairman & Founders)​

Their Ancient Words Mean ” May all the people in this words live with happiness and prosperity so joint your Health with ” Gamthiaahar happiness Healthiness wealthiness prosperity and smile to people all over the worlds than we believe we are doing good works we pride ourselves in constantly maintaining the quality of the products and we make every effort to exceed our expectations in quality reliability with our houses lab and a complete chain of sourcing and distribution and we have been successful in returning our clients employees and suppliers by treating them with honestly consideration and respect we constantly utilize our experience to introduce quality foods and are a consumer safety satisfaction and healthy that’s why we said “Gamthiaahar is a complete food for immunity.


MR. DILIP DESAI (Managing Director)

We take great pride and pleasure that the Gabani Indian foods Products LLP represents one of the premier’s companies in the food industry I would like to express My gratitude to all one partner’s business allies and customers who have snowfall confidence with a vision to offer the best and quality food products our processing plants setup with innovative technology and are capable for handling a variety of foods the plant and munching for the unit it’s different type form others it’s natural to store ascending pure Atta without any mixing we are an organization that operates at the highest product and competitive prices we have always implemented a new initiative in sole marketing manufacturing supplies chain research and development I hope to see Gamthiaahar be known as one of the best food products In a world that’s why we Gamthiaahar is complete Food for immunity.